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SAVE the SAVIORS Initiative

Bistro Caristo

15 May 2020
Bistro “Caristo” of Caritas - Sofia

It is located on bul. Hristo Smirnenski 45. It became famous with its original Lebanese cousins – shish tauk, Lebanese kebab… and with its 2 cooks who are refugees from Lebanon. The third person in the kitchen is a Bulgarian woman in vulnerable situation. Caritas opens the Bistro in order to give work to those people who have found themselves in difficulty. Increasing number of clients, takeaway food – things seemed promising while the coronavirus was still unknown. Now the clients are gone. And for the Bistro to survive the Lebanese food was changed to traditional and is delivered daily to homeless poor people and others in need of hot soup, second course and bread.

With the help of donors the Bistro manages to buy the needed products for lunch for 60 people, to cover administrative costs and protective gear and most importantly to ensure protected employment for the kitchen crew. And now with the support of SAVE the SAVIORS this crew has the ambition to feed 200 people per day. Among them – 120 people from Center for temporary accommodation of homeless people in Sofia and to 60 people in need in the Triadica region.

For now there is no financial profit. But once the Bistro survives the crisis every earned lev will be used for the social work of Caritas – Sofia. Namely, the Social Center where children and adults with disabilities are taken care of on daily basis as well as the Social Center in Fakulteta where volunteers help young and older girls and boys to cope with learning and life.