18 July 2017
BCNL presents the NGO Entrepreneurship Program at the Support for Social Innovations conference

The Support for Social Innovations conference, organized by the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was conducted on July 18th in Ruse. In front of an audience of representatives of non-profit organizations and the business community in Ruse, Pavleta Aleksieva, Program Director of BCNL, presented the NGO Entrepreneurship Program, which in its current seventh iteration has been carried out with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the UniCredit Foundation and with the partnership of TELUS International Europe.

10 July 2017
86 business ideas of NGOs are competing for the chance to take part in the NGO Entrepreneurship Program

The 6th of the July was the last day on which non-government organizations had the chance to apply for participation in the NGO Entrepreneurship Program 2017/2018. 86 ideas for business initiatives were received from 30 towns in the country.

15 June 2017
Second edition of the Civil Participation Index

The Citizen Participation Forum along with the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-profit Law is compiling a Civil Participation Index for the second time.

25 May 2017
Talents arena in two floors

In the European Night of the museums 2017 NGO House and A Hub retold us art in the language of big and small, music lovers and fine art addicts. On the 20th of May the two spaces had their doors opened for the young talents of Bulgaria.

12 April 2017
Listen Up Foundation, Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law and TELUS International Europe launched the first hub for social innovations in Sofia

The innovative venue aims at implementing a sustainable model for cooperation between the business and non-government organizations by developing social and innovative projects.

17 March 2017
Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law Annual Report 2016

2016 in figures, stories and pictures

03 February 2017
5 Ideas Won Awards in the Best NGO Business Plan Competition

On February 2nd 2017 in Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia was held the official award ceremony for the winners in the 6th Annual Competition for the Best NGO Business Plan. It is organized as part of the NGO Entrepreneurship Program carried out by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) in cooperation with UniCredit Foundation and the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

30 January 2017
The right to decide independently and how to advocate for it

From 15th to 17th of January, the city of Varshetz hosted an interesting meeting-training of the representatives of the National Platform of Self-Advocates to the Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID). The platform brings together people with intellectual disabilities from all over Bulgaria, who make decisions independently and advocate for their own rights and the rights of others like them. They, along with their supporters, are promoters for change in the national legislation. It provides for the abolishment of guardianship, which will give them a chance and will recognize the right of every person to obtain the necessary support to make independent decisions about gis/her own lives without being excluded from society.

24 January 2017
Strategy in Action - stakeholders united around a common position for the protection of children with intellectual disabilities from violence

From January 20th, 2017, a new informal platform is underway, composed of Bulgarian lawyers and advocates for the rights of children with intellectual disabilities. The mission of the platform is to gather advocates in search of the best mechanisms and approaches for effective protection of children with intellectual disabilities from the violations of their rights.

18 January 2017
6 doors, behind which everyday miracles happen

Meetings, events, smiles, work, ideas, table tennis and many cups of coffee – in the right combination and quantity filled the first year of our House. Along with the House grew the community of people who work here every day, as well as the organizations that recognized the shared workspace as a place for seminars, trainings and presentations. For only 12 months NGO House has become a place for more civil energy, shared ideas and enthusiasm and of course – a lot of work.

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