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„A Little Means a Lot” – the Bazaar for Products With a Cause and Their Heartwarming Stories

13 February 2020

The fifth edition of the "A Little Means a Lot" Bazaar is around the corner. One special event on the 22nd and 23rd of February which will bring together 14 social enterprises from Bulgaria and their products with a cause in the Serdika Center. Every year, the Bazaar brings together people who work with a cause, and people who support them in doing so - support their causes by buying from their products.

Jewelry, wool socks, badges, martenitsi, farm products, notebooks, cups, candles… At first glance, small things which, however, had demanded a lot of time, effort, learning and have great value to the people and organizations behind them. Because every purchase of a product with a cause is support, connection and unification around the idea that by common effort we can become a better society.

And here are the organizations which will be on the year’s Bazaar:

Bulgarian Biodiversity FoundationBulgarian Society for Protection of BirdsThe IDEA AssociationParallel World AssociationConcordia Bulgaria FoundationMaria’s World Foundation,  Ideas Factory’sGlobal Initiative on PsychiatryCaritas SofiaAssociation of Polar Early Career ScientistsOrenda Foundation, Association “Operation Teddy Bear”Rojdestvo Hristovo FoundationCenter for Informal Education and Cultural Activities ALOS.

They are civic organizations who develop an entrepreneurial model of work and thus apply different approaches to solving the social problems which they have as their mission to work on. In their activities, some of them involve directly people from different vulnerable groups - in the production of different products and in their sale.

"What is small in our work is the amount of souvenirs we manage to produce. Big is the impact on the people with intellectual disabilities - it is a stimulating environment, what they do brings them meaning and joy as well as satisfaction with what they have achieved." - says Sonya Dzhoneva of the World of Maria Foundation.

On the 22nd of February during the Bazaar the official ceremony “Best Business Plan of a NGO” 2020 Award Ceremony will take place. 10 organizations from this year’s “Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations” Program participated in the Competition. The Ceremony starts at 16:00 and the organizations with the best business plans will receive financial and mentoring support to develop their ideas for a business with a mission.

Come to the Bazaar and support meaningful causes by shopping with cause:

“Products with added value = support for important causes for society. The big wheels turn spin slowly and require a lot of joined efforts”, Lilia Harizanova, The IDEA Association.

The Competition and the Bazaar are part of “Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations” Program, which is supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation in partnership with TELUS International Europe, UniCredit Bulbank and Accenture Bulgaria.