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„ Because a profession with a cause, is the most meaningful one.“

21 January 2022

Can young people in the dawn of their careers get excited to work in an NGO?

120 young people, 12 months of work, 47 NGOs

A brave young woman at the age of 28 who alongside her education embodies the psychology of the Vienna academy, media and art history of Germany, a spanish Master's degree of international research on media, governments and their differences, becomes an intern in an NGO. In the spring of 2021, she decides to embark on a new adventure – a training program for the youth who are part of the foundation “Ekaterina Karavelova”. This young woman’s name is Iva Genova and she is one of the 120 interns, who took part in the national program called “Social innovators”.

In Bulgaria the Program is coordinated by the “National Management School” association in collaboration with the Bulgarian center for not-for-profit law. The program started in October 2020. By the end of November 2021, the challenge to be receiveing organizations and to lead mentorship programs for young people between 18 and 29 years old was accepted by 47 associations and foundations from all kind of fields of activity and different parts of the country.

Before applying for an intern position, Iva Genova took part in a campaign for protection of children from Cañada Real Galiana (close to Madrid), who have been left with no electricity, isolated from the rest of the world for months, in times of pandemic, when the storm Filomena freezes Spain to approximately -40°C.

She finds out this is exactly what she wants to be involved in – civic activities which bring purpose and inspiration in her life. The first step was taken. The second one continued nearly 3 months, during which Iva received invaluable practical experience in working for a cause. This motivated her even further to continue on the long and responsible road of supporting other people.

“The Academy “Ekaterina Karavelova” is a place for like-minded people with similar dreams. […] The time, spent with the team of “Ekaterina Karavelova”, reminded me how much power dedication, teamwork and the love that we put in a cause gives us.”

During my internship […] I had the opportunity not only to acquire experience in the non-government sector, particularly in the sphere of women’s rights, but to also understand the needs, which local communities have, the difficulties that organizations dedicated to empowering girls and women face.

Apart from the exceptionally valuable skills and knowledge, during my internship I found inspiration and confidence to develop project propositions on my own and to seek possibilities for their realization.


Once charged with the energy of civic activism, there is no intern, who stays indifferent towards the work of NGOs. The number of young people who have finished their internships in NGOs is impressive – exactly 120 young people.

„Because a profession with a cause is the most meaningful profession”, shares our thoughts Desislava Stoqnova Vuleva – an intern in the educational practice of the association “Idea Factory”.

Of course, we are the happiest people – The program gave an opportunity to the Bulgarian center for not-for-profit law to meet six amazing young people, who are responsible towards themselves and the world around them, with powerful presence and ready to take action. They are Polina Dqnkova; Martina Bogdanova, Aglika Stanina, Antonia Spirova, Kristina Manolova and Georgi Arsov who participated in our educational practices in 2020 and 2021.

We are so happy that Polina became a part of the team of BCNL as she won the prize for most successful participant in “Social Innovators” with a yearlong scholarship for employment.

“For me it was an important experience, which affirmed and developed my beliefs that a better future can be accomplished through activity in the civic sector.” Shares with us Kristina Manolova.

If you think like Kristina as well – dont' hesitate and take action!


The Program “Social Innovators” in Bulgaria is carried out within the "Social Innovators” project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through The European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. In Bulgaria the project is coordinated by Association “National Management School”.