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CIVIC ALARM CLOCK Festival 2021 - to put the rights on the stage

3 August 2021


Welcome to the Festival on August 26, 2021, at 4 pm, in front of the Summer Stage in Borisova Garden, Sofia


The festival summer in the heart of the capital is in full swing! After the Social Entrepreneurship Festival, we continue to gather and talk about another important topic - human rights through the eyes of art. This year 90 artists from the country and abroad took part in the fourth edition of the competition for socially engaged art CIVIC ALARM CLOCK 2021. And after the virtual audience had chosen their favorites in the categories ILLUSTRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY and TEXT, it was time to find out who will be this year's distinguished authors and their works. This year, the theme on which we challenged the artist to create is again related to our right of association, the right to peaceful assembly (protests) and freedom of speech, but this time we are watching what the exercise of these rights looks like in the digital world.

On this occasion, we invite you to the first of its kind CIVIC ALARM CLOCK Festival 2021 to find out together which photographers, illustrators and writers will grab the well-deserved prizes.

Along with this, we offer you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and in the environment of brave and empathetic people who value their freedom, help civil causes and believe that rights are a value, not a condition. The festival is a place where anyone who has the inner flame and curiosity to be part of an active civil society will be able to find supporters.

Welcome on August 26, 2021, at 4 pm in front of the Summer Stage in Borisova Garden, Sofia!

Get ready for a range of music, dance and creative activities for all of you! Here is what we have prepared during the festival day:



Let's create the rhythm of the festival together! Under the guidance of the talents from Yambadon, we will make a musical circle with percussion and percussion instruments and we will understand how much power and what kind of life is hidden in the rhythmic association.

16:40 - 17:10 | AFRO DANCE WORKSHOP

Who said we have to fly to Africa to immerse ourselves in the energetic dance culture of the hot continent? Where there is rhythm, dance is born. Maria Kosa will help us to capture the energy and we will see how Maria speaks of solidarity through art.

17:20 - 17:50 | SWING DANCE WORKSHOP

Together with our friends from the Swing Society we will immerse ourselves in the 30s of the last century and we will feel the pulse of some of the most energetic and fun dance styles.


Welcome to the three creative corners around the summer stage and get involved in the thematic activities:

DRAWING - Let's draw  civil rights! Everyone will have the opportunity to share their views on the issue of our civil rights  and can "finish" or "continue" one of last year's award-winning illustrations and thus create their own reading on the topic.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Under the watchful eye of the experienced civil active photographer Tihomira Metodieva - Tihic we will try to find examples of what our right to associate around us looks like and to capture them through the lens. Equip yourself with a camera or smartphone!

WRITING - Leave your message on the wall of the Civil Alarm Clock, sharing what the right of association, the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech mean to you!

"CIVIC ALARM CLOCK" - A game for everyone

Discover the yellow rooster of the Civic Alarm Clock around the festival spot and learn what the right of association, peaceful protests and freedom of speech mean through clear examples from living life. Answer all the questions correctly, check the correct answers for each rooster and grab your prize!


If you are a fan of the stocking board games in LARGE FORMAT, don't forget to go through the corner of the SIDEWALK and show in which game you are a master!



We will find out right here, on the Summer Stage in Borisova Gradina, who the distinguished authors and their works will be and what motivates them to take part in the competition for socially engaged art. During the ceremony we will share with you the winners from the online voting of the audience, as well as three of the most active participants in the festival activities.

20:00 - 21:30 | CONCERTS

A festival without music is not a festival. We have invited two cool bands that will make us dance, sing with all our throats and dream of new occasions to get together!

20:00 | ACOUSTIC SOUL JAZZ BAND - do you remember the swing dance workshop from above? It's time to practice what we learned with a gypsy swing jazz band under the soft voice of the French accordion! Just listen to what awaits you!

20:50 | THE CASE - they are a young, different and energetic band. They play tons of original rock songs with fusion elements. Hear them here!

We invite you to say bye to the summer together under the colorful sounds, rhythms and movements of human freedom. We are waiting for you at the Festival and bring every civil person you can think of! We have prepared something for everyone - dance music, games, challenges, creative activities and refreshing drinks!

Mark yourself in the FB event, where we will introduce you in detail to the elements of the program.


The initiative is realized with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the Sofia Municipality under the "Culture" Program for 2021.


With the media partnership of: