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Creative contest for activist artists – “CIVIL ALARM CLOCK”

6 March 2018

When the censorship pushes away the freedom of speech, when restrictions are being imposed upon us gathering and expressing our opinion, when the meaning of people being civil active is being questioned, then is the time for us to show that these are values that we are not letting go of. And we will always be ready to defend our civil rights and freedom. Because it is of a vital importance for the civil society to express itself with freedom, that the medias should not be controlled and dependant on the political and business interests, that we can gather around protests and meetings and express our position, that out voice can be heard, that we can join together in informal and formal organizations and that we know why it is important to observe, to critique or support the process in our country.

Art has proven many times already that it can influence not just our senses and emotions but also provoke new questions, to help with the understanding of a problem, to unite people as well as make them active in counteracting the injustice. 


If you speak the language of art – take part in our contest “CIVIL ALARM CLOCK”!


All you need to do is send us your artwork that expresses what means for you the civil contribution, why the freedom of association, the redundancy for causes that are meaningful to the society and the freedom of speech without any censorship or limits.

The categories you can take place in with your artwork are:

  1. Photography
  2. Illustration
  3. Text


Who can take place?

In contest may take place Bulgarian of foreigner artist, including students and pupils with no limits on age or experience. We accept works of established artist and we encourage the participation of ones that are just starting their artist career. It is not mandatory for the participants to have professional experience or exposed or published artwork.


What are the participation rules?

  • The artwork must examine/ show a position regarding the civil rights and freedom as a fundamental element of the democratic society and especially the freedom of association and peaceful assembling and the freedom of speech
  • Each author can participate with un do 5 of his works
  • In the category PHOTOGRAPHY we accept professional and amateur photography (digital and analog)
  • In the category ILLUSTRATION we accept drawings, paintings, illustration, graphics, collages, typographic works and comics
  • In the category TEXT we accept essays, texts with poetry, prose as well as publicist texts. The works must be with a maximum length of 3 000 words.


How can you send your artwork?

Each professional or amateur artist can send digital copies of his works in jpeg, tiff or word with a maximum size of 5 MB or a link to his portfolio.

If the files are greater that 5 MB the candidates may send a download link form a free sharing platform (such as,,,

The candidates must attach a brief description of their creative idea/meaning (not longer than 1 page), as well as an e-mail and phone number for contact.

You can send the works at the e-mail address, contact – Aylin Umerova.

Deadline: the 20th of March 2018


Who will jury the artwork?

The works will be examined and valued by a jury of emerging professionals and cultural activists in each category:


Veselina Nikolaeva – photographer

Emi Baruh – director the festival for contemporary photography Fotorabtika

Ivan Bogdanov (@finfilm) – photographer



Vesela Nojarova – curator of Credo Bonud gallery

Desislava Pancheva – founder of Hip Hip Library

Victor Yankov – municipality foundation “Plovdiv 2019”



Neda Sokolska – theatric producer and dramatist

Zornica Stoilva – journalist

Manol Peykov – manager of the publishing house Janer 45

Ivan Georgiev – Bregov  - poet, nominee of the contest “Petia Dubarova” and winner the the prize “Hristo Fotev”, author of the poetry book “There are the no places for goodbyes”


What will the prizes be?

The most interesting and exciting artwork in the contest will be granted with symbolic prizes and a prize of 300 lv for each first place in each category. A larger selection of works will be represented in public within the civil cultural week in the NGO house and A hub in Sofia in April 2018. As an added value the works will be published in a special edition of a zine type that will be popularized within a large auditory and will promote the art of the authors.

We are impatient to see you creative point of view today, when the sense of civil association and freedom of speech are being questioned, the voice of the citizens is being often ignored and when more than ever it is important to show that we are awakened citizens.


The contest is organized within the project “Civil alarm clock – the rights through the eyes of art”, conducted by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-profit Law with the partnership of the international platform for socially engaged art Fine Acts. The project is being financed from the program “Culture” of Sofia municipality for 2018.