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Entrepreneurship for non-profit organizations – new 12 organizations shall develop their ideas with mission

12 September 2018

“We shall say that we have succeeded, when we establish the trade mark the “The Wonderful Garden”… when everybody accepts that people with intellectual disabilities can cope. Our purpose is not to become merchants, nor gardeners – we are more ambitious. We want to change the world or at least a part of it. Than we shall say that we have succeeded.”*

*”Sv. Nikolay Chudotvorets” (”St. Nicolas the Wonder maker”) Foundation on the success of their “Wonderful Garden” – their business idea, which was among the winners in the competition "Best Business Plan of an NGO", part of the seventh edition of the Program „Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations“ of the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

The next participants in the "Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations" Program are already known. The 2018/2019 edition of the Program is being conducted with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and in partnership with TELUS International Europe and UniCredit Bulbank. A team of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, investments and social innovation evaluated 43 applications with business ideas by selecting the twelve organizations that will be part of the eighth edition of the Program. These are:

At the end of September launches the training phase of the Program, which shall help the participants to improve their plans through a series of individual consultations and trainings in various areas - such as preparing financial forecasts for business plans, brand development, presentation skills, etc. Special attention shall be paid to the exchange of experience between the winners in the competition "Best Business Plan of NGO" in the previous edition of the Program and the new participants.

As of the present moment, more than 140 organizations have received new knowledge, expertise and mentoring support, and over BGN 155,000 have been invested in the conduction of sustainable business ideas. The aim is to contribute to the financial independence of the organizations and to support their work on issues that are important for the society.

The finalists and their entrepreneurial projects that were awarded in the previous edition of the program are the “Biodiversity” Foundation with their idea of ​​a gift box with products from small farms located in areas with preserved nature; the Synergia Foundation, which created the HI Touch Massage Studio, where well-trained masseurs with visual impairments work in teams with masseurs-masters; “Children's Books” Foundation with their online platform "Compass for Parents in the World of Children's Books", which shall make the discovery of appropriate children's books easier and thereby shall promote reading; the development of Chitalishte "Light - 1861" which shall transform "Chirpanlieva house" in the town of Shipka in comprehensive ethnographic complex and the "St. Nikolay Chudotvorets ", with their idea for a greenhouse for production of flower seedlings, which shall provide suitable working conditions for the people with intellectual disabilities in the town of Dobrich.