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Exhibition for Wakening – so that we could see our rights through the eyes of art

20 August 2019

In the afternoon of August the 5th, августan unusual revival took place in the City Garden of Crystal. Large, colorful canvases such as peonies, a bench with sharp-pointed nail in it, and ethereal tunes of violin invited the passers-by to the opening of the „WAKINING: Rights Through the Eyes of Art" Exhibition.

The art exposition is an initiative of the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law, with which we wanted to put on the agenda, in the heart of the city, an important topic - the topic of our rights and freedoms. Such as we have them today and what we want to preserve them for tomorrow. To be able to associate in the name of common causes and to work for important social problems, to gather peacefully and to express our opinion freely, outdoors and out loud, without censorship and restrictions. All of this gives us wings to be civically active, to participate in public processes, and to exercise control in decision-making.

This is, as well, the purpose of the exhibition - to 'prickle' the attention, to educate sensitivity and to tell the stories in which these rights come into effect.

And why through art? Because we believe that it is the most powerful tool that can provoke and inspire, to attract empathy and to change… and in general, to transfer a message in a way stronger than words.

This notion was confirmed by the talented violinist Boyana Zhelyazkova. As a professional musician and activist, she also shared the opinion that it is important for art to have a socially engaging role and she dedicated her song "Rhodope Dream" to the artists who participated in the exhibition.

The most attractive moment of the event was the provocation that with the assistance of the artists from Destructive Creation we the addressed the guests with. With curiosity and enthusiasm, they joined forces and participated the mass "disarming" of the special exponent at the exhibition - a nail-clad bench with sharp peaks. With this symbolic act, we wanted to remind ourselves how important it is when something “pricks” our eyes, creates obstructions and danger, that we do not stand and wait for somebody else to solve the problem, but to act, to be active and help ourselves.     

We are thankful to all the guests and authors who accepted the creative challenge of the 2019 Civil Alarm Clock and participated in the contest! Thanks for the trust and support of the donors of the Civil Alarm Clock Cause in the national campaign BULGARIA GIVES, the jury in the competition, the Program “Culture” of Sofia Municipality, Black Sea Trust (BST) and our partners from the Public Partnership Resource Center - CeRe, Romania without which all this would not be possible.


You can see the exhibition until August 19th in the City Garden of Crystal, and in the fall in the garden in the front of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theater.

See the exhibition online here - „WAKINING: Rights Through the Eyes of Art"


The exhibition is realized within the project "Civil Alarm Clock - Children Create Rights" of Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law, financed by the Culture Porgramme of Sofia Municipality for 2019, and supported by Ploter BG.



The initiative is part of the campaign "Civil Alarm Clock - Empowering the rights through the language of arts”, implemented in partnership with CeRe, Romania, and with the financial support of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.