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For the first time Bulgaria is included in the Global Philanthropy Environment Index

9 August 2018

For the first time, Bulgaria is part of a massive study of the charity environment - the Global Charity Environment Index /Global Philanthropy Environment Index/, also known as Index of Charity Freedom /Index of Philanthropic Freedom/.

The report is the result of the efforts of more than 100 experts from different countries and is initiated by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, and a partner for Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

The Index studies the conditions for philanthropy in 79 countries from 11 regions in the world. It is formed by 5 key indicators that have a direct impact on the freedom of action of non-governmental organizations within the surveyed countries. The key indicators are: the legal framework for NGO activity, the regulation for local donation and donations outside the country, the political environment and the socio-cultural context (the latter two indicators are included for the first time in the survey).

According to the presented results, 60% of the studied economies have a favorable environment for charities, and in 40% the environment is restrictive. The biggest challenge for the non-government sector is the political environment that can significantly undermine the work of charities. The economic context is also a significant factor. A stable economic environment with high economic indicators, such as GDP per capita, is the most favorable and gives considerable freedom to organizations. The aim of the Index is to encourage interaction between governments, business and non-governmental organizations by supporting them in making decisions that create a sustainable and favorable environment for charity.

You can read the entire report here, and the results for Bulgaria and the conclusions about the charity environment in our country you can find out here.