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It was great!

23 May 2018

On Friday, May 18th, in Sofia we launched Ability Days - an initiative that took place within 3 days with the participation of over 10 Bulgarian cities. It was with the Ability Days that we decided to make the strongest message of the campaign within the National Citizens' Initiative 7000 for the abolition of guardianship and the introduction of the supported decision-making – going out on the street to show that together we can do everything - to create, to have fun, to learn and to advocate for the right of all of us to a dignified life. Thus, on 18th of May we conquered the heart of Sofia - from 15.00 to 20.00 Vitosha Boulevard was colorful and lively, and the people - curious and supportive.

Our memories and feelings from this day will be many. Happy, charging and sunny (the weather gave us support too) - from the Superhero tent, where anyone could imagine being the savior of the world, through the ateliers of SIGNificants  and the Lumos’ wizards, or in the company of Einstein in Mad heads, to the socially-flavored coffee of the young people of First English language high school , dedicated to the protection of human rights. Special guest of our event was Rosana of Eh Bee Family, with over 5.9 million followers! She also took a special video clip for us, which will be broadcasted in her channel.


Three things that impressed us most from the Ability Day in Sofia:

  • Sofia is full of cool people, empathetic and involved! For 5 hours, we gathered over 800 signatures to support the campaign and people with disabilities. The youngsters were great - they only needed three words - injustice, disability, support!


  • There is nothing better than being together!  There is no way to describe the excitement from the Manifestation of friendship - with the emblematic march „Quiet White Dunav“, played by the brass band of First English Language High School. A parade of pride, joy and happiness that we are all together.


  • On the street, among the people, we found many supporters! One of the best things was that by telling the occasional passers-by about our cause and what we are fighting for, we met real support - not only for the petition, but also for our efforts to ensure fair treatment towards people with disabilities.

We all, who went out on the street, convinced ourselves once again that now, more than ever, we need the instruments of civic participation - to believe in them and through them to send our message - to people and institutions.


We particularly thank all those who have supported us - the Social cafe of Interact Club Tangra-Sofia, the brass band of the First English Language School, the musicians and our volunteer advocates - Albena, Vasya, Sevda, Katya, Antonia and more.

Our special greetings are for our partners and friends from the teams of Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry, “Autism” Association, „Maria’s World” Foundation and „Lumos”Foundation.