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More than 50 000 leva were donated to causes of civic organizations in the campaign "Bulgaria gives"

8 April 2019

«To donate is important ... because donating is sharing, and sharing makes us human.»

Words of a student from First English High School


The national campaign "Bulgaria gives" proved that donating for a good cause is much more than giving money. It is support and unification of the efforts of many people around a common goal - the well-being of all of us.

More than 2,000 donors supported causes of civic organizations, with over 50,000 leva donated in 10 days. During the campaign celebrities and famous activists supported various causes, more than 130 media materials were devoted to the topic of donation and its importance.

We, as part of the organizations that initiated the campaign, can only

thank to

everyone who recognizes civic organizations as really working for living better together,

and be happy for

everyone who, thanks to "Bulgaria gives", participated in this sharing because "sharing makes us human".


We are mostly grateful to the donors of our cause "Civil Alarm Clock". The prize fund in the competition for artists activists has raised 770 leva and they will all be distributed among the winners of first prize in the different categories of the competition. We also thank to all those who supported our cause with their names and words, believing that art should be "awake" and that everyone, including young artists can be active citizens through what they do.