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Open Letter form 56 CSOs regarding The Social Services Act

9 December 2019

The Social Service Act must Enter into Force and the Adoption of Secondary to it Legislation must Start

This is our call which we make with an Open Letter of 56 Civil organizations by reminding the state institutions that the reform in the social system is imperative and even late. More than 5 years ago debates and the discussion on different concepts of a reform in the social sector started. Those debates were orientated towards finding a solution of the existing problems and led to the adoption of the Social Service Act (please see the Letter for key changes which solve concrete problems). The Act has not entered into force yet and already there are three Bills filed in the National Assembly – one is for its repeal, the second – for substantial amendments, and the third – for standstill. The only right move of the State at this point is to withstand the implications which provoke unfounded fears of people, to continue with the adoption of the secondary legislation for the implementation of the Act and to be at the forefront when it comes to clarifying the meaning of legislative changes. If not the vulnerable groups which count on support will become even more dependent and helpless; the services will remain unevenly distributed; taking into an account the demographic problems of the country the social differences will continue to deepen and the budget for social payments will continue to grow without a real effect of support to the people.  

You can read the letter here (in bulgarian).