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Opening of exhibition „WAKENING: The Rights Through the Eyes of Art”

29 July 2019


is it important

to be allowed to express ourselves FREELY,

for us, as CITIZENS,

to be allowed to gather in PROTESTS and

to ASSOCIATE for common causes?

The answers are given in the exhibition „WAKENING: The Rights Through the Eyes of Art”.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 5 August (Monday) at 6.30 pm in the Open Air Gallery in Crystal's Garden, Sofia.

In the spring of 2019, the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law provoked once again the artists from the country and beyond to share their socially engaged works through the "Civil Alarm Clock" contest.

The exhibition presents the author's award winning photographs, illustrations and texts, expressing their commitment to the subject of civil rights and freedoms. The art works tell about real events and reflect the personal attitude of the creators to the power of civic association for common causes, the energy of the protests and the people in them, the meaning of freedom of speech and the struggle for it.

We organize the initiative for a second consecutive year. Our ambitious is to make it an annual tradition, which inspires artists to create socially engaged art. Because of the ability of people to Wake each other and the need to create all sorts of ways.

Together with the group of artists Destructive Creation, we will challenge you to join the mass "disarmament" of a special exhibit in the symbol of mutual empathy and action to action. It will be fun, there will be music, and for the participants in the artistic challenge - there will be sweet gifts.

The exposition can be viewed at any time from August 5th to August 19th in the Open Air Gallery in Crystal's Garden, Sofia.

We look forward to you!


The exhibition is realized within the project "Civil Alarm Clock - Children Create Rights", implemented by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law and funded by the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality for 2019.



The initiative is part of the campaign "Civil Alarm Clock - Empowering the rights through the language of arts”, implemented in partnership with CeRe, Resource center for public participation from Romania and with the financial support of Black Sea Trust.