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21 October 2019

What could be common between sailing, the fight against corruption and stray animals … ?

There could be lots of guesses, but one is correct – these are the causes of three among seventeen participating organizations in this year’s Summer School for NGOs Arkutino 2019.

The eight edition of the School gathered civil organizations and their “people” to learn and to become better and more professional in what they fight for and believe in. The school year was mere 6 days, but had it all – open lessons, untimely exams, practical exercises and good teachers setting an example and who can inspire and lead us.

And the most important participants – the students. In the beginning we were 17 representatives of NGOs from Sofia, Varna, Ruse and Montana who came to tell about themselves and to learn something new. Each with theirs strive and faith in to change the world, to make it better place to live in. In the end we were a strong class and everyone used “we” when speaking of hers or his team.

“Remember and know what is important for society” was the strong message at the start from the guest lecturer Vladimir Yonchev (OFFNews)  whit whom we revised how to build a strong connection between our organizations and the media through the power of positive stories. During the next days we mastered the delicate language of the laws and the institutions and we spoke on the unavoidable topics of taxation, accounting and good financial health of an organization … And all this thanks to the lecturers from BCNL who transformed the challenge into interest by presenting the course content in an understandable and entertaining way using quizzes and real-life situations … unexpected acting talents were reviewed.

Amongst the most important lessons was the one on Advocacy. Entering a wild competition for the best advocate we were preparing ourselves with tones of enthusiasm to meet the people who make decisions. We were working in small teams on real cases. Exited and charged we roll played, unraveled laws and regulations, learned by heart texts and speeches for our final exam which by the way we all passed excellently. For sure there is need for much more learning and rehearsals, but never the less we set good foundations thanks to the strong support from the Summer School’s team. And the most important lesson is that together we are stronger and can achieve more.


И така, времето мина неусетно...

6 прекрасни дни с първите есенни листа, аромат на море и нови приятелства.

6 divers days full of stormy waves, thunderstorms and even a n earthquake.

6 days of growing up and full of knowledge, novelties, strong emotions, self-awareness and growing up.

Every end is a new beginning and we are about to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge which was planted during the Summer School. We are leaving charged and pleased, with the filling of a job well done, but also with clear understanding of the responsibility to be the engine of the change which we want to see around us.

The story of Zdravka Vodenicharova participant in the Summer School for NGOs Arkutino 2019 and Coordinator of Social Entrepreneurship in BCNL.