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The 12 organizations in the Competition „Best Business Plan of NGO“

31 January 2019

Their goals are the causes - to solve the most significant, often most neglected, social problems.

Their approaches are innovative - they combine their non-profit activity with the opportunities of the entrepreneurship and thus broaden the positive impact of their work.

Their power is the support – of the people who are ready to act and to contribute for a better living together.

These are the civil society organizations that take the road to the business with a cause. They are the driving force behind the development of our society, and they give us faith that it is possible.

Here are the 12 civil society organizations which take part in this year's Competition „Best Business Plan of NGO. All of them passed through the first stage of our Program “Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations” 2018/2019. During this stage they attended several training sessions, met with business experts, and managed to improve their business plans which are going to be present before the jury in the Competition on February 15th.

Here are the 12 and their business ideas:

Confectionery "The(y) Cookies" of the " Future for the Children " Association, Kazanlak

Handmade and decorated boutique sweets and crackers, as young people with intellectual disabilities are involved in the making of the treats under various forms of trainings and employment.


Summer academy for entrepreneurs PRO of "Vratza Software Society" Association, Vratsa

This is a different environment for young people with entrepreneurial spirit. The "Summer Academy for Entrepreneurs PRO " enables students and scholars to develop some of the key 21st Century skills and competences while they are having fun and solving case studies of real organizations.