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The causes that unlock new doors

20 June 2019

The good start is not only about crossing the starting line. Success is measured and depends mostly on the preparation and the process before the first step. This is why the mentoring program for a successful start „Lab4e“, part of our Program "Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations", has been carefully built up as a stage in which organizations receive expert support to their business enterprise with a mission.

"It's priceless to meet professionals in different areas that would give you an advice.", said Monica from "Our Premature Children" Foundation after the second training session for the finalists in the Program. For the organization, this meeting was more special: their business idea for development and sustainability of the Family Center "Little Wonders" won the sympathy of the employees of UniCredit Bulbank who, through internal voting, chose the foundation to receive the additional award of the bank as a partner of the Program.

In the family center, specialists provide complex and professional care to young children and their parents. "The investment here is in the future and the development of the children, and the support is for the whole family. Parents are calm because the care of their children is shared and is maintained in a complex and overall way by the different types of specialists in the center. And their tranquility and the well-being of their children at this earliest age are a condition for creating a stable family environment.", said Margarita and Monica from the Foundation.

Each of the participants in the two-day event confidently shared their challenges, progress and plans for the future, and received numerous, diverse and valuable tips and guidance on how to improve or change their steps towards developing their business with a cause. The meeting went through individual consultations with each of the five organizations, inspiring meetings with participants from the previous editions of the Program, motivating and key interactive talks with the marketing specialist Baycho Georgiev and Zaharina Vetseva, Senior Corporate Communications Manager and Corporate Social Responsibility - TELUS International Europe. The company, one of the partners of the Program, was for the second time the host of the dynamic mentoring meeting between participants and experts from various business areas.

What are the keys that open the different doors to success and how NGOs to broaden their point of view through the knowledge and the experience of the business so that they are more successful in achieving their missions - this is the focus of our Program and the aim of every training meeting – that the participants gain at least one key they could use in practice. Meanwhile, we have launched the next edition of the Program "Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations"  2019/2020, which is open for application by July 14th. The program is suitable for all non-governmental organizations that develop or intend to develop business activity to support their mission and goals. The conditions for participation and more information about the program can be found here.

The Program „Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations“ 2018/2019 happens with the  support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and in partnership with TELUS International Europe and UniCredit Bulbank.