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Together we can do it all!

16 April 2019

2018 passed. And it passed so fast that we have probably already forgotten much of what happened through it. However, the speed at which events occur should not deprive us of the time to strike the necessary balance. The memory of successes and failures is the starting point for our present actions by which we determine our future. That's why our Annual Activity Report has a special place in everything we do.

"We are the glue of society" are words most clearly describing the public benefit role that we have - not only we, BCNL, but also all civic organizations. The glue keeps different elements together - fills the cracks between them or shapes them in a new, more sustainable way. This is us, the associated and working for the benefit of society citizens - with our actions we strengthen and help to build our common construction. In this overall picture we, BCNL, have a special mission - to consolidate the strength of the "glue" itself. Confident that it worths it and that together we can do it all, we will continue to do so.

And now we share the results of our work over the past year with the hope for building stronger, more involving and fully functioning constructions in our society.

Annual Report of BCNL for 2018

1“The Glue of Society“, Economist, July 16, 2005, p.13-15