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We are 18-year old!

26 June 2019


18 years behind us, many challenges today and even more daring dreams about the future of the civil sector in Bulgaria


Part of the current BCNL team after climbing one of the most famous hills in Plovdiv –

symbol of number of overcome challenges and future ones


Dear friends,

Our mission to work to improve the NGO environment has not changed over the years, but the context in which we work is very different from the one we started. We will not give it an evaluation because everything we share will be relative.

This summer Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law turns 18 years old. And although the organization is different from the one in 2001,we  still get excited about the same things. The majority of civic organizations that work bravely for the better life of all of us, continue to charge us daily with the enthusiasm and the meaning they bring, they motivate us even more diligently and professionally to help them and find  good solutions for them.

Meeting with International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (Photo 1)    Summer School for NGOs, 2014 (Photo 2)

Planting of trees by the team of BCNL on the occasion of 15 years from the formation of the Foundation (Photo 1) and a group photo of the official cocktail (Photo 2) on the occasion of the Anniversary in 2016


Perhaps, we all have many challenges ahead, successes and failures, in new times of our development! We're ready! We are excited to be part of the civil sector of Bulgaria.

 And as some wise person has said: "The right road is the steep one." 


With gratitude to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to BCNL to be what it is!