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Why, what and how we’ve achieved in 2017

2 April 2018

Annual report of Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law for 2017


Planning is 80 % of the success. Sharing and visibility of the results are key factors for the impact at the end.

In our annual report you’re going to read more about:

  • The importance of legislation and our work for the NGO environment
  • The trust and good partnership
  • The unitedness which gives us the strength to open new avenues
  • The consistency in enhancing the NGO capacity and also in our effrots to ensure support for NGOs from businesses
  • The expansion towards new horizons.

“Our vision for the future continues to be focused on ensuring that the NGO community becomes more sustainable, expands and boosts its independence; that ever more people get involved in civic activities, and that – I do not know if our life will improve – but more happier and better united in our life. I believe that if we, the NGOs in Bulgaria, are the active leaders of change and the civic potential is in the right direction, “no one can take a dig at us”.” – Nadya Shabani,  Director of BCNL.


Our annual report for 2017 is here.