Civil Society House - Community for Development (2014-2016)
Civil Society House - Community for Development (2014-2016)

The Bulgarian NGOs still face serious difficulties such as lack of sustainability (mainly financial) for long-term implementation of their activities, mistrust from the citizens and bad public image, insufficient recognition from the public authorities as important partner in the process of decision-making, increasing international isolation, which reflects to impossibility for adequate participation on EU level.   

The aims of this project are to improve the financial and institutional framework in which NGOs operate, to attract the public attention and support for their causes, to build further NGO capacity and involve them in pan European public sphere, to create the Bulgarian Civil Society House. 

The impact that we want to achieve:
  • More enabling environment for NGOs;
  • More support from citizens for civic organizations and more visibility of the results from NGO activities;
  • More able organizations and creation of independent space in Bulgaria were innovative ideas for civic participation will be generated.

Results: involving more citizens in the discussions for the role of NGOs and civic participation, preparation of proposals for amending the legislation concerning NGOs and civic participation; promoting the role and the problems of the NGOs; attracting young and active people to the NGO causes; increased transparency, visibility and popularity of NGOs;  increased organizational capacity of NGOs; ensured support from influential NGO coalitions for creating the Civic Society House; publishing on-line information on important NGOs issues; improving the Informational Portal NGOBG.

Main target groups of the project are NGOs, their leaders and staff, and the decision-makers. The Project is targeting also the wide public – directly or through the media (traditional and social media).

The partner organization "ProInfo" will support the process of establishment of the Bulgarian Civil Society House and in the activities related to increasing the visibility of the NGOs.

The partner organization "ProInfo" will directly participate in organizing the campaign for involving the citizens, in trainings for public relations of NGOs, in developing the Concept of the Civil Society House as community of NGOs.   

Timeframe of the project: Mart 2014 –  February 2016 (24 months)
The project is implemented by: Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) in partnership with ProInfo Foundation
Financed by: NGO Programme for Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009–2014; Thematic areas and priorities: Capacity building for NGFOs, Strengthened capacity of NGOs and an enabling environment for the sector promoted.
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