Support to Civil Society Organizations Continued and Expanded
Support to Civil Society Organizations Continued and Expanded
The goal of the project is to support civil society organizations in Bulgaria by:
  • Changing their attitudes towards potential new sources of income.
  • Building the capacity of CSOs through access to high-quality training.
  • Providing assistance to people that want to establish CSOs and to CSOs that need legal or other advice
  • Helping CSOs to access information and share their achievements with others through NGOBG (The NGO Information Portal) and the CSO House.
  • Supporting the change of the legal and policy framework for CSOs.

The project will achieve its goal through the following activities:
  1. Establishing a capacity-building program for CSOs in fundraising and supporting the sharing of experiences with other countries
  2. Supporting the business planning for CSOs program
  3. Organizing CSO Summer School
  4. Maintaining NGOBG
  5. Providing assistance, consultation and training to CSOs
  6. Working for an improved environment for CSOs
  7. Supporting the CSO House – a co-working space for CSOs

Project duration: January 2016 – January 2019
Donor: America for Bulgaria Foundation
Funding:  885,360 BGN

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