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Key Strategy Directions for BCNL 2007-2010

2 March 2010



Main Objective: BCNL has identified three interlinked priority areas of work for the next three years -  Creating an enabling environment (improvement of the legal and financial framework ) for increased financial sustainability of NGOs in Bulgaria; Assistance to NGOs to know and use legal provisions and regulations and Promotion of NGO/Government Partnership

Expected results:

1. Drafted and adopted legislative proposals related to improving the financial sustainability of NGOs;

2. Increased knowledge and information of NGOs on existing and needed regulations for financial sustainability of the NGO;

3. Created mechanisms and practice for joint initiatives of NGOs to monitor, discuss and suggest changes in the regulations of importance for their sustainability;

4. More enabling fiscal framework for NGOs and greater opportunities for achieving financial sustainability;

5. Raised awareness of government on the public benefit that NGOs bring and the need to support better environment for their sustainability.

Source of funding: Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe