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Art Studio Tvorilnica

15 May 2020
Art Studio Tvorilnica of the Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Sofia

Today the state of emergency is for everyone, but it is particularly harsh for people with mental disorders such as the workers in Art Studio Tvorilnica. This are eleven people for whom more than anyone is of the most importance to have secure, clear and well organized daily routine. To have a job which saves their mental state and to have at least the minimum needed income which saves their dignity. And survival. Before the crisis they produced variety of art pieces – cushions, pretty aprons, Eastern decoration; and used to sell them on the marketplace. Now the summer markets are closed.


Again before the crisis they worked in the public wash-house /another social company of the Global Initiative on Psychiatry/ and washed for several kindergartens, the Sofia University and for hairdresser’s saloons. Now all clients of the wash-house are closed. The need of masks however is still “open.” And they already produce them – 200 masks are donated to social workers and nursing homes for people with disabilities.


They are coming up with more novelties – sewing kits whit which you can sew your very own designer fabric bag. They will offer the kits online… For now however the money for salaries is insufficient. For reorganizing of the work process as well. And to save the social company, which saves those mentally ill people during the crisis, the SAVE the SAVIORS Intiatice comes to the rescue. It helps with money and experts. This is how eleven men and women with mental disorders will wake up with a clear goal for the day – to work and fill proud of what they do.