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Exhibition "DIGITAL RECHARGE: The Rights and Freedoms in the Virtual World" 2021

16 August 2021

The exhibition "DIGITAL RECHARGE: The Rights and Freedoms in the Virtual World" 2021 presents the perspective of 16 young photographers, illustrators, writers and poets to the civil rights and freedoms recharged with a new content and way of exercise in the virtual world.

How is this digital transformation perceived: more opportunities, more freedom or more restrictions and challenges?

You will find the answers in the 32 artistic panels with the works of talented authors, awarded in the competition for socially engaged art CIVIC ALARM CLOCK 2021. The right of association, the right to peaceful assemblies (protests) and freedom of speech as key component of the civil society which are recharging every day with new content and way of exercising in the virtual world are at the core of the creative works.

The exhibition is the result of our long-term efforts to encourage vigilant and socially engaged authors to develop their creative energy and to tell about our human and civil rights and freedoms through the eyes of their art. We do this through the CIVIC ALARM CLOCK competition, which we organized for the fourth time and this year 90 authors from the country and abroad took part in it.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place within the CIVIC ALARM CLOCK Festival 2021 - on August 26, 2021, in front of the Summer Stage of Borisova Garden, Sofia.

You can see the artistic exhibition from 16 August to 7 September 2021 in the Open-Air Gallery in the capital's Crystal Garden. If you missed it, after September 7, you will have the chance to enjoy the works in the online exhibition, which will be available on YouTube and on the BCNL website here:



The exhibition is realized with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and Sofia Municipality under the "Culture" Program for 2021.

With the media partnership of:

The author of the title photo "Keep Walking" is Tyuncher Eminov, awarded in the category "Photography" at the competition "Civic Alarm Clock" for 2018.