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Your donation directly supports our efforts to help people in Bulgaria to be civically active, empathetic and engaged in important social causes.


Here you can donate to one or more of our ongoing initiatives:

> Civic Alarm Clock

> Entrepreneurship for NGOs

> Civic Hitchhiker

> The activities of BCNL

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Donation Certificate

If you would like to receive a certificate for a donation made, please email us at: and mention:

  1. The amount of the donation
  2. The donor's details:
  • For an individual: full name and PIN
  • For a legal entity: name, UIC and registered office address
  1. The initiative you have supported - for example:
  • "Donation for the Civic Alarm Clock"
  • "Donation for the Entrepreneurship for NGOs"
  • "Donation for Civic Hitchhiker"
  • "Donation for the activities of BCNL"
  1. Address to which to send the certificate (email or postal address)

We will contact you.

Thank you for your trust!


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