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Basic information

The law recognizes an association or a foundation as a legal person after its registration in the Register for...
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The provision also provides that no organisation shall establish clandestine or paramilitary structures or shall seek to...
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Basic definition Basic definition
24 January 2018
Article 19 of the Non-profit Legal Entities Act recognizes as associations, the organizations that are established by...
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Under Article 19 minimum three founding persons are required. When an Association is designated for performing activities...
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There are two types of membership-based NGOs under the Non-profit Legal Entities Act - the public benefit and mutual...
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The Bulgarian Non-profit Legal Entities Act generally does not differentiate between foreign and domestic legal and...
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Legal capacity Legal capacity
14 January 2018
There are no special restrictions on the extent to which an association/foundation can act. There are exceptions regarding...
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Statutes Statutes
12 January 2018
The law specifies only the minimum Statute content.
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