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2021 – The year of Hope

30 March 2022

Looking back on the year 2021, the first word we would probably think of is…. optimism – the vaccines became accessible, and this gave us hope that we will overcome the disease, that we will once again be able to freely move and see each other. This hope did not last very long, and our good mood was additionally darkened by the local context – we experienced a political crisis, three National Assemblies, a few governments, an institutional crisis which put the ministerial teams in a state of stupor due to the frequent rotation of political cabinets. All this has negatively affected the possibility for a clear and upgrading dialogue, and, in particular, the successful advancement of specific topics relevant to the development of the civic sector. While the legal framework for civil society organizations has not deteriorated, it has not improved, either. Here you can read our annual report for 2021.

The year 2021 was, however, particularly important for us – we had our 20th anniversary! That was an occasion to look back, to think about our success stories, what we can do better, and the way forward. Yes, we are proud of all our achievements, we continue to be inspired and excited for achieving even more.

And here are some of our accomplishments for the last 20 years: