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74 organizations supported a statement on the project of the Measures against Money Laundering Act (MAMLA).

9 June 2017

A statement requesting non-profit legal entities (NGOs) to not be generally obliged persons under the new Law on Measures against Money Laundering was supported by 67 organizations from all over the country. Together with the initiators of the opinion (BCNL, National Network for Children, Citizenship Forum, Bulgarian Donors Forum, Institute for Market Economics, European Institute and Center for the Study of Democracy), they united around concrete reasons why the inclusion of all NGOs as obligated Persons under the law, along with banks, notaries, auditors, etc., is unfounded and groundless, and what the real effect of this legislative decision on the non-governmental sector would be.

You can see the statement posted on the public consultation page of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering at, as well as comment on the draft law until the end of the day (June 9), incl. by supporting the arguments of the statement.

We at BCNL, together with the partners with whom we initiated the statement, will expect feedback from the authors of the bill and we are ready to help achieve effective regulation against money laundering and terrorist financing, taking into account the specifics of NGOs.