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Apply for LET'S GO 2024: Entrepreneurship Program for NGOs

5 February 2024

Applications are open for the 14th edition of LET'S GO: Entrepreneurship Program for NGOs!


We cannot hide our excitement that we are once again looking for active and motivated teams of civil organizations that:

  • have a specific new business idea with a cause;
  • want to develop (or further develop) an existing business concept related to the organization's cause;
  • don't yet have an idea for a business with a cause, but are looking for inspiration, incentive and a push.


What is LET's GO: Entrepreneurship Program for NGOs?
  • A 3-month training and mentoring program that supports civic organizations to start a business related to their mission.
  • Program that takes place online and in person in the period March - May 2024.
  • A unique opportunity for participants to present their business ideas to a jury in the annual competition "Best NGO Business Plan" and compete for a total prize fund of BGN 30,000 in the form of investments in the business plans with the greatest potential for development.


In LET'S GO, active civic organizations can develop their specific business idea for an business activity related to the mission of their organization. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills in business and financial planning, receiving mentoring support and guidance from experts in business planning, marketing, advertising and financial planning all along the way.


Why join the Program?

For over 13 years, more than 250 organizations have completed the program, motivated to develop a social entrepreneurial idea. Social enterprises can support a variety of causes such as:

  • They provide decent job to people in a difficult situation;
  • Support nature conservation;
  • They develop knowledge;
  • They preserve traditions

Through social entrepreneurship, civic organizations can reach many more people, telling about themselves and their missions through the products and services they offer. It also provides something very important for their existence and development - financial sustainability.


Who is the Program suitable for?
  • Organizations that have a business idea but need knowledge, skills and support to realize it;
  • Organizations that are highly motivated to start a business, but do not yet have a concrete idea.


What are the criteria for selecting the participants?

Civil organizations that meet the following minimum requirements can apply to participate in LET'S GO 2024:

  • To be registered for public benefit (associations, foundations and community centers);
  • Be registered/re-registered with the Registration Agency;
  • Be motivated to develop an idea and turn it into a business plan, and have the initial capacity/potential to launch it (given available resources);
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all the trainings, mentoring meetings and events provided for in the program.

From all the applicants, we will select 12 organizations for participation. During the selection, we will pay special attention to the readiness and motivation of the candidates to start and develop a business activity. We will be looking for the most motivated teams for the process of learning, creating, adapting ideas.


What is the application process?

Applications are made by completing an online form HERE by 23:59 on 18 February 2024.

By February 26, 2024, each candidate will be informed of the results of the selection at the e-mail address indicated by him. Approved applicants will receive an invitation to join the Program and additional information.




*Also check the Spam folder in your e-mail, as correspondence with candidates often ends up there.


What is the commitment within the program?

LET'S GO is a highly hands-on program. To get the most out of it, you need to anticipate your full inclusion. The activities include on average one training/mentoring meeting per week in the period March - April with an average duration of about 3 hours for the trainings and up to 1 hour for the mentoring meetings. The training and mentoring sessions are conducted online on the ZOOM platform for the convenience of people across the country.

Keep in mind that throughout the program you will be assigned various tasks by the trainers and mentors to prepare and develop your business idea. Set aside time to think and work on developing a business and financial plan together with your colleagues. Thus, at the end of the Program, you will have a developed launch plan and a clear idea of what resources you need. You will also be able to compete in the contest "Best NGO Business Plan" with a prize fund of BGN 30,000.

In the month of May, we will invite you to a training session on communication and successful presentation of ideas. The final event will be held live in Sofia. It consists of pitching the ideas to the jury in the "Best NGO Business Plan" competition and an award ceremony and community meeting.

The costs of transport and accommodation during the live meetings for organizations outside Sofia are covered by the program organizers.

Each of the organizations approved for participation should nominate two of its representatives who will participate as a team in the training and mentoring meetings.


Once accepted into the program, each applicant will receive:

  • Deepening the knowledge about mission-related business development;
  • Mentoring support and expert guidance to develop your idea into a business plan;
  • Improving skills to present your ideas and opportunity to present your business ideas to companies, funding organizations and potential partners;
  • Opportunity to compete for financial investment within the "Best NGO Business Plan" competition;
  • Access to online information and training materials;
  • A chance to meet representatives of other civic organizations who are also asking the questions of what, how and why to start a social enterprise.

Last but not least, all organizations that complete the program become part of a community. They can go to the "next level" by offering their products on DarPazar, they can together address challenges they face, interact and create new products together. To create an environment for these interactions, BCNP holds community meetings, engages its members in advocacy on important topics, creates webinars for additional support and other spaces for organizations to develop social entrepreneurial ideas.

Participation fee*

The fee for participation in LET's GO: Entrepreneurship Program for NGOs is BGN 200.

*The participation fee is equal to 15% of the tuition fee for one person. The rest, which covers coordination, training and mentoring meetings, events, materials and support within the program, is provided by BCNL project, supported by the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation and by responsible business companies, partners of BCNL.

*The fee is paid after receiving confirmation of participation in the program from the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law and covers the participation of one organization with two representatives participating in the Program.

The program is organized by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, UniCredit Bulbank and Accenture Bulgaria.