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Basketball meeting for civic activism with Ivo Ivanov - become part of the audience

13 June 2023

This Sunday, basketball will talk about our civil rights with the voice of journalist and writer Ivo Ivanov. On June 18, we will gather in the Basketball Hall of the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", Sofia, to play sports, have fun and talk about what is important to us... and to raise the rest of the money for the prize fund of the Civic Alarm Clock competition 2023 and for the organization of the Festival for Art and Rights CIVIC ALARM CLOCK 2023. This year we set a bold goal of 10,000 BGN, which thanks to dozens of donors we almost raised and now we are only 63 BGN away from our cherished goal. How can you help us? Come to the event and become part of the audience with a donation of 10 BGN on the spot. 

At 10:00 am sharp we will start with a warm up session led by Ivo Ivanov. And then, we will continue with a symbolic basketball tournament, with Ivo Ivanov himself joining in the games. The referee of the games will be the international basketball referee Borislav Peltekov.

By taking part in the charity event, you will be supporting the brave and compassionate artists who harnessed their talent and creative minds for the Civic Alarm Clock Vol. 6 competition and created socially engaged art telling the story of Good and co-creating the world with the call, "We are strongest when we help others." The winners will be awarded on July 1 at the CIVIC ALARM CLOCK Festival at Toplocentrala - Sofia, South Park II. This year's competition attracted the attention of 85 talented artists, presenting us with over 180 exciting visual and verbal art stories celebrating the power of solidarity and mutual aid under the motto "Connected in Goodness: the Power of Helping Each Other". We dedicate this festival marathon to art and rights, which will run from 10 am to 10 pm and will combine something for everyone - fun, games, music, sports and quality content.

Well, Sunday at 10 am at the Basketball Hall with our partners from BUBA Basketball BC, we are waiting for you! Sign up by filling out this online form.