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BCNL's annual report 2023

16 April 2024

Every year has its charm, its strengths and its not so strengths. For the BCNL team, 2023 was a dynamic year, with many initiatives, with achievements that brought us satisfaction, but also with challenges for which we are still looking for answers.


We are proud of our work on all legislative initiatives because they are changing the landscape for CSOs. And we take with great responsibility our growing initiatives to develop NGO capacity. This year we have included in our programs over 1086 NGO supporters. A difficult but important initiative for the sector is also working on the onslaught of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ensuring equity and access in the application of technologies that use it. This will be a constant theme for citizen activists for at least the next 10 years.

We have gone through all this only because we have the best team for which there is no mountain that cannot be lifted. For us, everyday life is not an "every day life", but a daily effort to help people associate freely and be civically active.

You can read our full annual report for 2023 here.