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Change is the end result of true learning

26 January 2022

Surprisingly or not, autumn flew at the same rate as our favorite summer. But we're not sad, no. Instead, we embarked again on epic training adventures in the House of Civil Organizations for the fifth edition of the Autumn Training Program!

The program took place entirely online. Once again, we set a goal to adapt it to the rapidly changing environment in the country. With this we have maintained the same focus – to help NGO heroes in their daily work and motivate them to improve and keep up with the latest trends on all fronts in the sector.

This autumn 50 people took part in the trainings. They had the opportunity to participate in 9 exciting and practical sessions divided into 3 thematic modules:

 1. How to attract people and ignite them for our cause

 2. Legal topics for NGOs

 3. Communication for NGOs

"Useful and very practical sessions presented in accessible and understandable language, thank you! – shares one of the satisfied participants this year.

We are extremely grateful to our dedicated speakers – familiar and new faces who stood in front of the Zoom microphone and boldly led audiences on the drudges of new skills and knowledge. We are impressed by how quickly and unhindered our guest trainers adapted their topics to the real needs and inquiries of the participants. From answers to neverending financial questions to playing real cases and simulations of interviews, conflict management, dealing with problematic characters, etc. We had plenty of everything!

And here are the experts from whose experience we have drawn useful tricks and tips:

Denitsa Baramova, BRCY, who revealed to us the secret recipe for how to work effectively and efficiently with volunteers.

Dimitar Simidchiev, Ubisoft Sofia, thanks to whom we already know how to talk about the effects of our work in an impactful way.

The digital guru Boyana Stoilova, who with "live" examples showed us how to advocate for our causes on social networks and how to structure our online campaigns so that we reach more engaged audiences.

Elena Kalinova, BCNL - the person with answers to the most tangled financial questions.

Anna Adamova, BCNL, who trained us on how to properly process personal data in the creation of audio and visual content.

Vladimir Yonchev, OFF News, with whom we had 3 sessions dedicated to working with media, how to participate in TV interviews and how to write fascinating articles.

"Thank you for your efforts and work, I would also join the Spring Training Program" –the encouraging words that tell us that all of this makes sense ;)

That was all from us for this fall. We decided not to hibernate like the Bears of Belitsa, but from now on to harness the energy and based on the collected proposals for topics, to start working on the SPRING TRAINING PROGRAM 2022. Expect dates and themes after new year. And until then, stay safe and let's keep physical, not social distance!