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Join the initiative to create a new CSO Development Strategy

10 August 2023

From small gestures of kindness to mass movements, people taking action is at the heart of any strong society. Despite the difficulties and crises that the Bulgarian civil society sector has to deal with, there are many active CSOs in the country that believe that

  • Policy change is possible;
  • Collaboration makes organisations stronger;
  • CSOs need a supportive environment to develop.

That is why we are launching #IWantToDevelop - an initiative to create a new Strategy to support the development of CSOs. The first and only such Strategy was adopted for the period 2012-2015. Therefore, after eight years of inaction, it is high time to put together a new Strategy that reflects the perspectives of organisations across the country. The existence of such a document would boost the development of civil society and represent an essential part of the state's support for the promotion of civil rights and freedoms.
We invite the representatives of all civil society organizations to take part in the identification of the most pressing issues facing the civil society sector in Bulgaria by filling in the survey:
The three issues selected as the most crucial will be the basis for discussion of concrete proposals for measures to be included in the new Strategy.
The strategy is to be developed in the coming months until early December 2023. The initiative includes: 
1. Identifying the most important issues facing CSOs in Bulgaria through an online survey; 
2. A series of local meetings to discuss measures to address the top issues; 
3. Presentation of the results of the meetings on the online platform; 
4. Publication of the results of the campaign and presentation at a meeting of the Civil Society Development Council (CSDC).

Get involved! Complete the survey at 

The initiative to create a new Strategy for Supporting the Development of Civil Society Organizations #ActNotWhat is the idea of the RavniBG Coalition, the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law, the National Youth Forum, the Civil Participation Forum and the Bulgarian Fund for Women.