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10 December 2019

 “If You Aren't Online, You Don't Exist”

This brainchild of our contemporary times is being reconfirmed daily. Even though we all know the “offline” life is the one we cannot without (and not the other way around), the internet is the very part of life without which our world would be narrower and much more limited. And life is a gift and deserves to be lived in its fullest – both online and offline.

Well we present to you DarPazar: a place in the internet where you can find meaning – people who are working more than talking, causes which deserve to be supported, organizations which can enrich the world. And you can order from them. At the forefront you will see products and services with a cause. And you can order them. But you need to know that behind every product or service there are many people and their organizations – inspired, working hard and with solidarity, with believe in and tireless actions striving to the better good. And with the hope that by shopping with a cause you become part of an inclusive world where everyone can find ones place with dignity.

DarPazar is platform which connects you with causes and people which you can support by buying something produced with the people and nature in mind. Check out more than 200 products and services with a cause uploaded on the platform and make (yourself) a gift and meaning. And for the upcoming holidays you can decorate your home, holiday dinner table or Christmas tree with unique Christmas products and you can tell your guests the story behind each of them. And together to make the world wider.


We created the DarPazar Platform together with Accenture Bulgaria - the socially responsible company for which it matters how we live here and now. More than a year and a half we worked on the platform and we believe that we will continue to work together, to provide the opportunity to people and their organizations to develop themselves, to find others who think alike and together to enrich our world by making it a better place for all of us.   


The Platform is part of the efforts of the Bulgarian Center for Not-For-Profit Law to support civil organizations in Bulgaria, which work to resolve variety of social problems, to help them gain visibility, to be more accessible and more successful, because success for them means success for all of us.