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Building up an Effective Cooperation between Civic Organizations and the Public Administration in the Decision-Making Process

2 March 2010


To support the establishment of a mechanism for effective partnership and consultation between NGOs and the government and its agencies that will encourage the active participation of NGOs in the decision-making process at the national level.


  • Providing information on regional (CEE) practices of NGO-Government interactions, based on a detailed comparative study and analyses of existing practices;
  • Proposing an effective mechanism for NGO participation  in the governmental decision-making process
  • Popularizing the proposed participatory mechanism and gaining support from the civic sector;
  • Persuading public administration on the necessity of a civic participatory mechanism in the decision-making process;
  • Implementation of the participatory mechanism through different policy and legislative measures.

Project description:

The project aims at creating a working mechanism of cooperation and consultation with NGOs in the decision-making process.  As a first step we plan to conduct a legal research on the existing domestic mechanisms of consultation and participation of NGOs and to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. As a second step, we will carry out a comparative study of different national models of interaction and cooperation of NGOs with the government that will provide us with examples of effective and working mechanisms for designing the Bulgarian model. As there is a lack of understanding on the part of the government and a lack of coherent approach towards consultation we plan to draft a policy paper and guidelines for cooperation and consultation between the public institutions and civic organizations. The policy paper will serve as a starting point for discussions with the government and its units. To implement the proposals made in the policy paper we plan to set up a joint working group (BCNL legal experts and government representatives) that will develop specific proposals for legislative amendments. Furthermore, we plan to develop a strategy on the adoption of an enabling framework for consultation with NGOs in the decision-making process.


Source of funding: Bulgaria Fund/Balkan Trust for Democracy