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Current Projects

CIVIL ALARM CLOCK – Children Create Rights

12 June 2019

In the spring of 2019, the "civil alarm clock" will ring again to awaken the discovery, artistic spirit, knowledge of human rights and civic initiative among youth and adults. Through a series of interactive workshops and theatrical stages, the special creative and educational program of the Civic Culture Week 2019 will challenge the talents and waking up minds of children and young people who will become the creators of their rights and learn how they can protect values through art.

The second edition of the "Civil Alarm Clock" contest will enable young artists to grasp the broad spectrum of rights and freedoms through visual arts, photography and writing. The best works will be presented in a special exhibition devoted to socially engaged art.

The main goal of the project is to enrich children's civic culture and to awaken their interest in the subject of their human rights and freedoms as a value whose respect can be asserted and demanded by the influential language of art.

The additional objectives of the project are:
(a) to cultivate in children and adolescents vigorous civic consciousness and aspirations for active inclusion in public processes;

(b) to give a compass in the hands of young artists how to develop their talent and create an art that expresses a position and protects universal human rights and freedoms;

(c) to provoke sensitivity and permanently engage the active behavior of professionals and art lovers as leaders of change;

d) to establish the House of civil society organizations (also known as NGO House) as a school for civic participation, and

e) to present Sofia as a cultural capital with strong citizenship and responsible audiences and special care for adolescents.

How will we achieve these goals?

  • In April 2019 we will hold the traditional Civic Cultural Week in the spaces of the NGO House and Zone 21 with a special cultural and educational program for children. Students of small classes will be able to participate in the various creative activities of children's workshops and themed events.
  • We will organize the second edition of the creative Civil Alarm Clock contest, through which we will continue to provoke young artists and professionals through the means of fine arts, photography and literature to express their attitude and perception of the subject of our civil rights and freedoms;
  • We will organize a special exhibition devoted to the socially engaging role of art, with the best art works selected by professional jury.
  • Through stories-interviews, we will give young artists a voice and their artistic insight into the subject of human rights and freedoms.

Project implementation period: from 01.04.2019 to 30.09.2019

Partner: Center for Non-Formal Education and Cultural Activity ALOS

Funding: The project is funded by the "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality for 2019.

Budget: BGN 4,000 funding from Sofia Municipality and BGN 1,000 co-financing by BCNL.