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Current Projects

"Civil Alarm Clock - Empowering the rights through the language of arts” Advocacy Campaign

1 April 2019

Through the “Civil Alarm Clock - Empowering the rights through the language of arts” advocacy campaign we want to support and empower the young artists and civil society organizations themselves to take the leadership in the process and lead the advocacy actions and initiatives on local level. We believe that it will help to face this challenge and create new space and understandings about the contemporary value of the human and civil rights through the bottom up process, not a foreign propaganda. 

Before the campaign starts, we will organize a creative contest for artists – activists who can apply with their own works of art expressing through the language of the photography, illustration and text what the human and civil rights such as right to freedom of association, right to free assembly,  right to freedom of speech and others mean for them.  The works will be reviewed and evaluated by a jury of prominent professionals and cultural actors in the relevant category.

Within the campaign we will print the author`s works of art selected by the jury and will collect them in a special exhibition dedicated to socially engaged art. For subsequent wide promotion will organize a public outdoor event for opening the exhibition composed by these most interesting and influential works of art telling about human and civil rights. The exhibition will be situated in open public space and will be presented and available to the wide audiences.

Though the open exhibition will attract the public attention to reflect and think about the importance of the human and civil rights and what can happen if we lose them. Thus, through the impact of art, this new view will be provoked as a European cultural and democratic value.

The advocacy campaign as part of the project “Innovative approaches in advocacy campaigns” and is implemented in partnership with CeRe, Resource center for public participation from Romania with the financial support of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST).

Period of implementation: From 1st of April to 13 rd  of September 2019

Financially supported by: the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST)

Budget: 450 USD