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NGOBG: Legitimacy through Visibility, Knowledge and Shared (01.01.2011-30.12.2014)

27 August 2014
The main focus of the project proposal is maintenance, further development and promotion of the Bulgarian NGOs Information portal – a major effort for promoting the visibility of Bulgarian NGOs, creating an extensive on-line database, sharing resources and knowledge and informing society about the successes and challenges  of Bulgarian NGOs.  The project activities will strengthen the role of the Portal as the only national web portal for NGOs and as the same time as a powerful outreach mechanism supporting BCNL programs.

With the portal and with all of our other activities we strive to achieve positive change in the following aspects:
·    Make active Bulgarian NGOs visible not just with their formal "passport data" (contact information, date of establishment, people on the board, etc.) as is the case of most, if not all public records, but also with their activities, publicly voiced opinions and positions, media responses, etc.
·    By providing inspiring examples and systemized information encourage active citizens to support NGOs, associate with their efforts and contribute to positive societal change;
·    Change the attitudes of stakeholders (donors, state administration, responsible businesses, etc.)  towards the NGO sector by information and opportunities for easy checks of selected NGOs;
·    Voice the opinions, positions, analyses, recommendations, etc. of NGOs and focus them towards the improvement of the environment in which they operate;
·    Increased collaboration between NGOs;
·    Established clear and effective mechanisms of dialogue and co-operation between NGOs and the State;
·    Increased interest in NGOs and their work on behalf of media