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Profits for Non-Profits: Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Bulgarian NGOs (2010-2012)

15 February 2011

The goal of the project is to support a vibrant and independent civil society sector in Bulgaria. We want to achieve this by building adequate skills to help NGOs survive in critical times by:

  • developing mission-related income generating activities; and
  • supporting strategic approach to NGO operations.

The project focuses on 3 main groups:
1. Local community NGOs, newly established NGOs and informal citizens' groups as the weakest, most vulnerable and genuinely civic organizations. The project aims to support the development of private initiative at a local level through building up basic skills within grassroot NGOs;
2. Experienced NGOs as they have the biggest potential for starting mission-related business activities. The project will provide them with training on basic business skills and an opportunity to test business ideas with proven business consultants;
3. Business entities wishing to work in public interest. They will be assisted in compiling and evaluating their programs for corporate social responsibility.


Main activities:
• Identifying examples from Bulgaria and abroad for successful business practices of NGOs;
• Publication of a manual for businessof NGOs;
• Developing a model and conducting a series of assessments of organizations;
• Training and consulting NGOs.

Source of funding
America for Bulgaria Foundation

Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law