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Current Projects

Support for united action of the civic sector

2 September 2018

Purpose of the project: counteraction against the attempts for trammelling the civic space and discrediting of civic organizations

Activities for gaining the purpose:

  • Organization and conduction of a conference with representatives of civic organizations from various sectors for adoption of a common vision for development and interaction of and between the civic organizations in Bulgaria
  • Drafting and adoption of a strategy for coordinated and consecutive actions in response to the persistent tendencies for discrediting and black PR against active civic organizations
  • Establishment of a broad coalition of more than 100 civic organizations
  • Context analysis: tracking and analyzing the issue of the public image of civic society organizations in Bulgaria and the most common responses to attempts to discrediting them through black PR.

Partners in the project: Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law Foundation, NGO portal, Gulliver Clearing House Foundation (trade mark: Red House Centre for Culture and Debate), Citizen Participation Forum

Time-period of the project: August – November 2018

Financing from: Civitates

Budget: USD 10,000