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16 February 2011

The main goal of the project is to transform the Information Portal of Nongovernmental Organizations in Bulgaria, created in 2010, from an online database into a full-fledged Internet portal where legal and other information related to NGOs will be provided.With the project we will aim to attract more NGOs to be an active source of information for the portal. We expect this to lead to greater visibility of NGOs before the media, institutions and the general public as well as to increased recognition of the Portal itself. The services which offers will be improved and further developed: we will create a possibility for publication of civic positions and mobilization of public support for them, for promotion of different campaigns and NGO initiatives. The library with NGO-related materials will be enriched and indexed for easier access.


Main activities:

1. The portal should respond to the needs of NGOs by providing information for future legislative changes, helping solve NGO legal problems and giving access to useful practical materials.

2. Increasing the interest towards and the support for the Portal from leading NGOs.

3. Provision of useful information related to civil society – news, information about NGO positions on important public issues, support for promoting civic campaigns and initiatives, etc.

4. Promotion of the Portal and provision of media partnership for important events in the NGO sector.

5. Developing a strategy for the sustainability of the portal.

6. Overall improvement and maintenance of the Portal.


Project timeline:

January 2011 – August 2012


Source of funding:

Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe