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Be an Advocate for the Green Cause

5 February 2024

Hey, do you want to be an advocate for the green cause? Let's protect nature together! We believe we can do it! How? By supporting socially engaged artists in the Civic Alarm Clock vol.7 competition. This spring we will challenge thenm to create creative stories of civic activism that cares for rivers, restores the climate, protects biodiversity. Through their work, artists, photographers, poets and writers will advocate for our right to live in a healthy and favourable environment.

Support creative activists. They will defend our rights through the power of art. Because art can change the world!


Donate to the Civic Alarm Clock cause:

Online via PayPal:

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By bank transfer (to the BCNL account):

Bank Account Holder: BCNL Foundation

IBAN: BG16UNCR70001522353187


Bank UniCredit bulbank 


Our goal is to raise the sum of 15 000 BGN by 1 July 2024, so we can together:

Support 9 talented artists - defenders of rights and activism in the 7th edition of the Civic Alarm Clock competition. They will dedicate themselves to exploring and telling stories in artistic language to protect nature and save the planet from the dangerous effects of climate change.

Co-Create a community art and rights festival in collaboration with Rivers of Sofia 2024 - with dozens of educational games, art workshops, creative demonstrations led by artists who want to send an important message about climate change.

Show that the human rights organizations like the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law matters, so that they have the energy to continue to protect democratic values in Bulgaria.


We know that with your help we will succeed!
Why are we doing this?

Our mission as the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) is to help people associate freely and be civically active. As part of this mission, we organize the non-traditional socially engaged art competition "Civic Alarm Clock" and connect the world of art with that of rights. We have been doing this for 7 years because we truly believe that through the power of art, we can defend our freedoms.

We are proud that since the launch of the competition, together with dozens of donors, we have been able to support the creative right defenders and give a stage to civic dreams. With awareness and empathy. And so - to change the course of history. 

Find more about us here.

In 2023, we used the funds from the donation campaign to provide BGN 4,950 for the prize fund of the winners in the Photography, Illustration and Text categories of the sixth edition of the competition. The sum was awarded to 8 artists, enthusiasts of photography, fine arts and literature, who believe that art is the most powerful speaker of causes and values. And they proved it by telling us stories about:

... How houses can be built in the sky - depicting the power of association

... How people together can clear a mountain ridge – capturing how long the chain of good is

... How a common desire and effort can repair the tiles in front of the block - illustrating how the power of a positive example mobilizes to action

All the winning art works in the sixth edition of the Civic Alarm Clock competition can be viewed online here.

So far, 565 talented artists have participated in the competition with over 1,500 illustrations, comics, photographs, poems, essays, short stories, and journalistic pieces declaring, "Freedom is not a given. We have rights and they are important to us!"

With the donations in the amount of BGN 5,391.15, we organized the third edition of the unique festival for art and rights Civic Alarm Alock. On July 1, 2023, together with over 400 visitors, we transformed Sofia's South Park II into a real stage of civic activism shared through art. The festival was a real statement about the right to protest, free expression and freedom of association.

With the remaining amount of BGN 778.85, we provided the logistics for 9 charity events and the gifts for the donors.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please, contact us by email: or by phone: 0888 519 991, contact person: Aylin Yumerova


Because we are what we do, not just for ourselves, but for the communities we live with!